Pictured Rocks N.P.

Some of the most amazing places in this great sphere we call home you can’t  see from the land even though that is where the wonder resides.  Pictured Rocks National Park is one of those places.  A sunset cruise gave way to splendor I couldn’t have imagined.  After a short ride out into Lake Superiors crystal blue waters you are treated by sheer walls of bleeding rock.  The minerals in between the layers of sediment leach out and stain the cliffs in a variety of ways.  Each different color is from a different mineral deposit present in the layer it bled through.  The 100+ foot cliffs steal the show at the national park, but on land there are still a number of waterfalls and hiking trails to explore as well as plenty of off road jeep trails for the adventurous.  Have fun out there and don’t forget to bring your camera.

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