Hello I’m Chris Leahy.  I am a Photography/Designer/Artist from Richmond Virginia.  I have always had a passion for art and have been creating it since I was able to wield a crayon.  My life has been devoted to creativity and when I discovered photography I fell in love with applying technology to my art and spent my time learning how the camera sees the world.  Finding out new ways to capture my vision was immensely gratifying and i bring my skills and vision to every client i work with.

Growing up the oldest of five children I always needed an escape from the constant motion of a large family.  I found this escape in my art where I could spend hours in worlds that I created fleshing them out and bring them to life being able to share them with the world.  Never being one to follow I carved my own path and with all of my artistic skills I tought myself how to use the tools I had at hand gradually adding to my tool box.  Moving from drawing to coloring to painting to sculpting to design and photography.

I spend my time creating.  I love diving into a piece and watching it come to life.  Whether that be a piece of furniture, light fixture, structure, painting, drawing, sculpture, design, logo, photo manipulation, or just creating the perfect color balance in a photo I have captured.  I live for art and i want to bring my passion to you.  If you have a vision I want to make it a reality for you.


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