Kerr Wedding

Wedding photography couple outside holding hands infant of priest

Wedding photography is something I am truly passionate about.  In addition I am able to share countless beautiful moments with couples in breathtaking settings. Therefore when Elizabeth and Douglas Kerr approached me about capturing their wedding photos we arranged a perfect package.  Of course it included engagement photos as well as wedding invitations and the peace of mind that all their needs would be met.  With the engagement photos done and the invitations in the hands of their guests all that was left was to photograph their big day.

The Links at Gettysburg is a beautiful setting with rolling green hills and sheer rock faces jutting out of the ground.  With this in mind the stage was set and the ceremony began. Likewise Liz and Doug had nothing to worry about because of the attention to detail that Capital River Photography takes on every job.  An extensive plan had been set in place to ensure that every detail had been accounted for.  Nothing was left to chance and the bride and groom were left with a worry free experience so they could focus on what really mattered, each other.

If you have been searching the web for a photographer that will not only capture beautiful images of you and your spouse to be, but also set your worry aside then you need look no further.  In order to have a worry free wedding you need to hire a worry free photographer

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Liz Kerr
Liz Kerr
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Could not of been happier with my experience with Chris at Capital River Photography. They were truly accommodating to all my requests and really helped relieve the stress of planning your own wedding. Planning on hiring them again anytime I need a photographer.
Casey Clarey
Casey Clarey
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The team was amazingly patient! This was a huge plus for my husband and I with our children. You can tell when someone is passionate about how they capture pictures and it shows with Capital River Photography! I was impressed with the attention to detail on lighting and scenery! The return on our pictures was so quick! I can’t wait for Chris to capture more memories of our family ❤️
Troy Zepp
Troy Zepp
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This is a great photographer. Chris did an amazing job on our engagement photos. We were so pleased we hired him to do our newborn photos for both our children.

Consistently Rated

Wedding Package
$ 2999
Multi Day Package
  • 1 hr Engagement Session
  • First Look
  • Wedding Photography
Engagement Shoot
$ 299
On Location
  • 1 hr Engagement Session
  • Multiple Locations
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed
Capital River Photography & Design

Capital River Photography & Design

I am a photographer, artist, designer living in Richmond, Virginia. I spend my days capturing and creating. I have a passion for the outdoors and my work lets me spend time in them. I love my job.

Wedding Invitations, a Labor of Love

Capital River Photography & Design takes every opportunity to expand our services to our customers.  As a result we ending up creating memorable wedding invitations for an amazing young couple. They wanted wedding invitation that they would be able to cherish as a keep sake from their wedding. Because I had already captured the engagement photos for the young couple I was excited to incorporate them into the design of the wedding invitations.

Elizabeth and Douglas answered a few of my questions and I got to work on making a truly beautiful wedding invitation for a wonderful couple.  All together for the couple I captured their engagement photos, produced their wedding invitations, and captured the images for their rehearsal and wedding.

Wedding invitations can be added to any wedding photography package as well as save the date cards and engagement portraits.  Contact Capital River Photograph & Design to find out how we can help. Don’t let your big day stress you out.  Get there with less stress knowing that we are handling the details.

"My pictures "

Second Times a Charm

Maternity photography

Booking your maternity photogrhapy couldn’t be easier.  Call or email and I will get back to you quickly.  I don’t take holidays off and am available to be booked day or night.  Help make your memories last a lifetime.  Schedule your maternity photography today.

Adding another member to the family is always a wonderful time.  Let Capital River Photography capture those fleeting maternity moments in a way that truly lets your happiness, love, and excitement shine through.  Knowing that only days separate you from holding that little bundle of joy in your arms is an amazing feeling.  Anytime you add a member to your family is a magical time.  

At Capital River Photography we set you at ease and make you feel as if the camera isn’t even there.  Our maternity photography sessions are about showcasing the magic of motherhood and the beauty that is pregnancy.  Richmond Virginia is a beautiful city and offers many beautiful settings for a maternity shoot.  Call or email to find out more or to schedule your shoot.  

Maternity photography should happen between 10 and 6 weeks before your due date to insure your comfortability as well as your safety buy we will be happy to oblige anytime frame that works for you.  


30 min shoot with Mom
$ 100
  • Choice of Location
  • 3-10 Pro Edited Photos
  • Peace of Mind


1 hr shoot with Mom & Family
$ 175
  • Choice of Location
  • 10-30 Pro Edited Photos
  • Peace of Mind


2 hr shoot with Mom & Family
$ 250
  • Choice of Location
  • 30-50 Pro Edited Photos
  • Peace of Mind

Maymont Portraits

portraits at maymont family by large tree at maymont

Stepping on to the grounds at Maymont, in Richmond is taking a step back in time. It is also an ideal place for portraits. The pristine nature of it seems to envelop everyone as they pass through its gates. Maymont surrounds you on all sides with the vision of someone that may have never truly been able to see just how beautiful it would become. Maymont is a tree garden with examples from all over the world now matured to over 100 years. Spending time amongst Maymonts giants is breath taking and worth capturing for family portraits or your wedding day. When Casey contacted me about taking family portraits for her I knew just where to go. Taking the family portraits at Maymont was a great idea and the images turned out wonderfully. Maymont portraits never disappoint.

“You know me, I think there ought to be a big old tree right there. And let’s give him a friend. Everybody needs a friend.”  

― Bob Ross 

Holiday Photos

The time comes every year to gather in front of a camera and have a brief moment of calm captured within the chaos that is the holiday season. The Zepp’s kindly invited me to capture their Christmas photos this year. A rare sunny day shined down graciously on the still saturated ground that has been so present this last year. Taking advantage of the light we had I snapped away. Children did as children do but we managed to keep it all together and capture some holiday magic.

A Journey to the Congo

Marc Leo Felix, director of the Congo Basin Art History Research Center in Brussels, Belgium approached me while I was capturing these images at the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts and proceeded to give me an oral history of one of the most fascinating lives I have ever heard.  A majority of the masks on display in this collection are part of Marc Leo Felix’s private collection he acquired over thirty odd years of barter with the Congolese tribes.  Preserving a large part of their history that may have been lost to time.

In the vast and culturally diverse Congolese region of Central Africa, masks function as performance objects in rituals, ceremonies, worship, and entertainment. The masterpieces in this exhibition—more than 130 striking Congolese masks—form an innovative and visually compelling display of artistry and cultures. They represent the artisans and performers who brought them to life, as well as varied communities, belief systems, and natural resources.


It’s Fall Yall

The temperatures are dropping and so are the leaves but not before they dazzle us with an array of colors.  Autumn is a magical time of year and those colors always seem to surprise us.  Not knowing when the change is going to happen always seems to  add a bit of mystery to this time of year.  Korey and Meredith braved the barrage of foliage for some fun fall photos.  The whole family had a great time.

The Marion’s

First comes love then comes a crazy day that you have been planning for a year or more and you fly through it faster than any other day that has come before it.  The beauty of the whole thing is that it is a day that you will remember for the rest of your life no matter how fleeting it is.  Ceresville Mansion in Fredrick, MD is a picturesque setting amidst the rolling hills and big skies that surround it.  High ceilings and natural light flooding into the stately manor made for an elegant evening of ceremony, dining, friends, and family.

Delia Marie

Delia Marie new born photograph

A baby is cuddles and tickles on toes,
The sweet scent of powder, a kiss on the nose.
A baby is teddy bears, rattles, powder, and pins,
Meals at midnight, giggles, and grins.

Babies are a lot of things to a lot of people but to me they are the most precious of things mined from our bodies and brought into this world to shine like nothing else.  Such peace can only be found in something that has never experienced the fullness of the rollercoaster we call life.

Delia Marie was born to Eva and Sean who I was lucky enough to do maternity photos for.  She was ever so kind to me as I captured the images of one of her first days on this planet.  Thank you for being such a doll and making my job easy Delia.  Don’t grow up to fast.

Baby Bump

It won’t be long now.  I reiterated the obvious to Eva and Sean as they approached me at Maymont in Richmond, VA.  A sentiment that I’m sure she has heard a thousand times as the day of her first child’s birth got closer and closer.  The Virginia sun beamed down on us that warm afternoon yet the couple remained undiscouraged as we set out to capture this moment in there journey towards parenthood.

As per usual the location we were at was astounding and only made more so by the presence of the mother to be.  I know this time in a pregnancy can be difficult but she pressed onward climbing up and down objects and steep inclines to get to the best shots. The pictures turned out wonderful and I am sure Eva and Sean were glad to be finished out in the stout Virginia summer.

A Love For All Keim

Running a photography business has some perks.  One of which is getting to go to a lot of weddings.  Even though I am there for work and not play they’re still all around good fun and energy.  Every once in a while I get the opportunity to shoot a wedding for a friend, and when that moment arises I jump at it.

Betsy and Zach asked me if I would like to shoot their wedding and of course I obliged.   I had a great time with some great people and took some pictures as well.  I have had the pleasure of knowing this couple for some time now and was so pleased that this day finally arrived.  I was so grateful to be part of their day and to see them standing together under the chuppah that Zach had made for there wedding.

Pictured Rocks N.P.

Some of the most amazing places in this great sphere we call home you can’t  see from the land even though that is where the wonder resides.  Pictured Rocks National Park is one of those places.  A sunset cruise gave way to splendor I couldn’t have imagined.  After a short ride out into Lake Superiors crystal blue waters you are treated by sheer walls of bleeding rock.  The minerals in between the layers of sediment leach out and stain the cliffs in a variety of ways.  Each different color is from a different mineral deposit present in the layer it bled through.  The 100+ foot cliffs steal the show at the national park, but on land there are still a number of waterfalls and hiking trails to explore as well as plenty of off road jeep trails for the adventurous.  Have fun out there and don’t forget to bring your camera.