Pictured Rocks

A towering landscape of stained earth juts out of Lake Michigan with prominence and peace.  Its stands undeterred by the crashing of waves or the persistence of time.  Roots scale down its face in stark contrast to the stratified rock bathed in the colors of the earths tears.  The forrest seems to be holding on for dear life as if some unseen force is toppling it over the precipice of the mighty cliffs.

A peaceful boat ride around the shores of Pictured Rocks National Park on the coast of Lake Michigan on the Upper Peninsula will reveal to you wonders that can not be seen within its beautiful trails.  Partake in its splendor and gaze upon the bleeding walls as they have been stained with the minerals that they hold inside.  Bright earthy tones jump out at you as you cruise along in pure amazement of the sheer size and wonder of the majestic cliffs.


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